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Our Community

Wiri Community

Wiri Community Ltd recognises that, in order to be self-sustaining, it needs to invest resources in training, workforce development and solid business and commercial opportunities.

The aim of Bowen Basin Services is to grow and sustain a profitable organisation from which the Wiri people can reinvest resources into community, business and educational activities, so as to enhance the health, wellbeing and self-esteem of indigenous people.

The Wiri Community values its culture, the environment, understanding the connection between the land and their people, and sustainable social and economic development.

Bowen Basin Services protects the interests of the WIRI community and ensures their long-term sustainability through:

  • Undertaking commercial activities that service industry within the Wiri Community region
  • Procuring funding to support training initiatives and other indigenous community programs and projects
  • Assisting indigenous people in the management, control, conservation and protection of their land, rivers and natural resources
  • Providing resources, advice, information and expertise to indigenous people in the Bowen Basin and surrounding regions
  • Representing the WIRI people in cultural, environmental, economic and social matters
  • Coordinating educational opportunities and workforce development programs for the advancement of indigenous people